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Describes the MediaPortal 2 build process and each step in detail.

Build Process

Download Dependencies

RestorePackage is responsible for downloading all dependencies that are referenced via NuGet before any


files are opened for compilation. It includes the following steps:

  • Download


    , if missing

  • Search repository root incl. sub-directories for



  • Call

    NuGet.exe restore

    for each


    file that has been found
    *Why is this? step separated?*
    The NuGet dependencies are also downloaded by the


    itself, why is this separated step required?
    Short Answer
    Normally packages are downloaded after the project has been opened, but some packages have to be locally available even before the project is opened.
    Detailed Answer
    Some packages include a MSBuild targets file into the project that referenced the package. If the project is opened while the package and it's MSBuild tagets file do not exist yet, the target file is ignored. While compiling the project the referenced package is downloaded and the MSBuild file exists then, but the project does not call it as it has been ignored on project opening.
    The project compiles fine and calls the MSBuild targets file after it has been reopened.
    See also

Download and Copy Translations

During the build process the latest available translations are downloaded from to the TransifexCache and copied to the relevant project directories in source code. The various tasks and targets are defined within the Transifex.targets files.

In case you get an error "Exception: No user credentials found", you have to initialize your user credentials.

Update Version Information


Build MP2-Client

  • Download NuGet.exe, if missing
  • Download missing dependencies
    Actually this should not download anything anymore, because it is done already by the Download Dependencies step.
  • Compile MediaPortal.Client project
    Output directory:
  • Compile all other projects (plugins and other components)
  • Their output is copied separately to the MediaPortal.Client's output directory. See Concepts\BuildProcess for more infos about it.

Build MP2-Server

The steps for building MP2-Server are similar to the MP2-Client's ones above.

Build MP2-ServiceMonitor

The steps for building MP2-Server are similar to the MP2-Client's ones above.

Build MP2-Setup

  • BeforeBuild:
    • Download customized Dokan installer, if missing
    • Harvest MP2-Client's output directory
    • Harvest MP2-Server's output directory
    • Harvest MP2-ServiceMonitor's output directory
  • Compile MP2-Setup

Build Report





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