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This section gives detailed information how to get the sources and compile them. It also gives details about the build process.

Build Prerequisites

Note that these prerequisites are applicable to all methods of compiling MediaPortal.

  1. You will need MSBuild and a C# compiler.
    • For compiling the sources only, without the need for an IDE, the Microsoft Build Tools are recommended.
    • For development Visual Studio 2015 is recommended as it includes MSBuild, the C# compiler and an IDE.
    • Previous versions of MSBuild were included in the .NET Framework. New versions (from v12) will be included in Visual Studio or need to be installed _separately _via Microsoft Build Tools. (more information)
  2. Get the latest MediaPortal 2 source from Git (see Git) for more detailed instructions).
  3. Install the latest .NET framework SDK (if not already installed with Visual Studio or Visual C# Express).
  4. Install the Dokan driver version 1.0 or higher (necessary to use virtual directories e.g. for archive or remote access).
  5. Install the latest MS DirectX SDK (necessary for the MP2 client).
  6. Install the latest WiX Toolset (necessary for compiling the MP2-Setup)


Instructions on how to compile the MediaPortal 2 source code.



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