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This tutorial explains the installation procedure of MediaPortal 2 step by step.

It is only valid for version MP 2.4.1 and earlier! For later versions please refer to Installer Procedure.

The provided installer for MediaPortal 2 can install both Client and Server. The setup process is quite simple.

If you are not used to the MediaPortal 2 components or you don't know which type of network configuration you have, read those pages first.

When you execute the "MP2-Setup.exe" the first thing you will see is:

Download the software requirements

Just click on "Install" and the wizard starts downloading and installing all needed software. When finished the:

Welcome Screen

will appear. Click on "Next" shows the:

License Agreement

You need to accept the terms before you can continue to the

Install type selection

where you can choose what components you want to install:

  • On a "single seat" (all-in-one) system you install both MediaPortal 2-Client and MediaPortal 2-Server. This is the simplest setup.
  • If you have multiple computers you have to install the Server component only on one computer.
  • You always can install as many clients as you want.

If you are not sure which "type" of Setup you need you may have a look at Network Configurations. You can see, the number of clients may vary but there always is exact one server.

If you would like to change installation paths, please read Custom Installation.

Note: The MP2-ServiceMonitor is being installed, independently from what you choose here, so you can track the MediaPortal 2-Server's status from each PC in the network.

After you have made the decision what you want to install (the only needed decision during installation, not too hard, isn't it?) you will see the:

Confirmation Dialogue

When clicking on Install your MediaPortal 2 Installation finally starts and the:

Installation progress

is displaying what is going on in the background. As soon as the installation is finished a:

Installation Completed

pops up. Now only one step is left, the clean up of temporal things. This will be fired up with a click on "Finish" and  the last screen is shown: 


What's Next

When done, you'll find MediaPortal 2 links in the start menu

and on your desktop:

Also two new items are added to your system tray area


The orange MP2-TrayLauncher icon will only be displayed if a client is installed on the system.  It allows to start MediaPortal 2 by pressing the "Green Button" on a MCE-compatible remote.
The second item displays the MP2 Server status. A green/red status signals that the server service is running/stopped, The icon will turn to gray when one or more clients are connected to the server.



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