About Paranoid Delusion

Hi to all the wonderful people who make this software so great, that includes all the supportive forum users.

A little about myself, background is predominately refrigeration\electrical as a engineer with his own point of view, not so much hands on nowadays, more design and support.
For my sin's I'm one of the few Chelsea Football Club supporters in the Cheshire region where I live, have been sad since José Mourinho left, considered him a great asset to the club, but then people come and go, you need to just remember them.
Being the only supporter of a southern club.whenever they play a northern team, like Liverpool or Manchester United, or more recently Everton, who we beat in the FA cup final. there is always lots of good hearted banter in my local pub\club, but as long as everyone laugh's, win or lose who cares, just carry on and buy the beers.
My next love is my Toyota Celica, the poor mans ferrari, well it is bright red, absolutely brilliant for going around the winding roads of Wales and always puts a smile on my face.
My first involvement with computers was based around a Amiga 500+ which my wife got for me to tinker with, her comments as a IT person were, "i took to computers, like a duck to water" Smile, never looked back since.

After buying our first pentium based pc, I realised there was really nothing to them that would stop you creating your own build, just make sure the components are the best you can find for your needs.
My hobby as it became, was to get the most bang for bucks pc system I could build myself, with the best software around, that's how I stumbled upon mediaportal one day on sourceforge, just loved the idea of open source, a community all helping each other.
I have most probably built more than 30 pc's for friends over the years and if required, installed and setup Mediaportal for them and they have all loved it, this also inspires my dedication towards this software\forum.
Do I ever regret my nick "Paranoid Delusion", sometimes, but more so for people who type it out, just call me PD or Ray, hey even answer to "Oi you".
Hope you enjoy your visit to our forum, please respect that everyone does this in their free time and if we can help we will.


About The Project

The vision of the MediaPortal project is to create a free open source media centre application, which supports all advanced media centre functions, and is accessible to all Windows users.

In reaching this goal we are working every day to make sure our software is one of the best.


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