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MediaPortal offers you a variety of creative skins to personalize your media center. Everyone has their own preference: clean and simple, more colorful or with tons of fanart. Here we present you with just some of our most popular skins compatible with the current release of MediaPortal. Check our downloads and skin forums for all the latest releases. 

You may also use the MediaPortal Extensions Installer (MPEI), installed with MediaPortal, to browse, download, install and update skins. Or download the Extensions plugin to do the same from within MediaPortal. 

See our features page - Skins: a Visual Extravaganza for more details about skins in MediaPortal.


The new HD (1920x1080) skin included in MediaPortal 1.3.0 offers a stunning design with fullscreen fanart, horizontal icon based BasicHome menu, various layout options as well as an option to install Titan Extended - which adds support for many of the highly popular extensions,  and the option to update the skin at any time by using the MediaPortal Extensions Installer (MPEI).

created by: ncoHjoostzilla, and dlarge500| Format: 16:9 HD (1080p) | Default Skin of MediaPortal

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Default / DefaultWide

With MediaPortal 1.2.0 we introduce a brand new look that replaces Blue3 / Blue3wide which served us well during the last few years. Our four excellent Design Team Members contributed in different ways and areas: Harley provided the new nearly 3D-like GFX for the different MP modules, Tgx provided the GFX for top bar and other buttons, cul8er provided the GFX for the lists and push buttons and catavolt re-coded all xmls, provided the rest of the new GFX and coordinated all necessary actions to be taken.

created by: catavoltHarley,Tgx, and cul8er | Format: 4:3 & 16:9 | Default Skin of MediaPortal

aMPed - the alternative skin

aMPed is the skin you can practically design yourself!  With support for multiple screen and font sizes, various layout styles, and Home screen layouts, aMPed lets you choose the style you prefer: fanart or not, big or normal cover size, even the width of lists. Choose your options, using aMPed Config via a Desktop or Start Menu shortcut.  Save your options in Profiles so each user can load aMPed with their saved preferences. As of version 3.6 you can also change most settings within MediaPortal.

Use the graphical Basic Home Editor to modify menu items, backdrops and even the button layout on Vintage Basic Home. Create as many layouts as you like - one for each person in your household!

Version 3.6 introduces custom colorized themes. Fourteen themes are provided to get you started. Simply edit the colors for text or graphics to modify a theme to suit your monitor, TV or decor, or create a whole new look in minutes! You don't need to create a single graphic.

Check out all aMPed's unique Features, or find out What's New in the latest release in the aMPed wiki.

For more screenshots of all the aMPed features and layout options see the aMPed Gallery.

created by: Dadeo, Migue | Format: 16x9/4:3/True 4:3 | Download | Forum link

Avalon HD

Avalon is a new HD (1920x1080) skin for MediaPortal 1.2.0.  It offers a clean and simple layout without compromising the ever growing need for information at a glance. You have the choice between several layouts to suit your needs, all configurable from within MP. Screens are as consistent as possible for a better user interface experience.

created by: ncoHjoostzilladlarge500, 1stdead | Format: 16:9 HD (1080p) | Download | Forum link

Black Glass

The skin is developed on Vista with Mediaportal 1.1 and tested on XP, Vista and Seven. The resolution is 1280x720 and scales well to full HD. Black Glass skin is designed to be easy to use and has a simple and clear look. It should be controlled primarily with a remote or a keyboard. BasicHome screen should be used as default home page. The skin has been developed using Theatre as layout inspiration and Blue3Wide as codebase, so unsupported plugins should work with Bluewide plugin skin files (apart from some graphical anomalies).

created by: Tgx | Format: 16:9 | Download | Forumlink


The fidelity skin is designed to show a cleaned GUI for mp. It is in most cases icon based and hides the "more information stuff" in separate windows. The skin will fit perfectly to living rooms htpc´s with professional looking gfx and dark colors.

created by: Harley | Format: 16:9 | Download | Forumlink


Frames is a simple (No plugin dependency and no configuration/menu editor) and a intuitive skin designed for MediaPortal 1.2.0 based on ideas of other skins and sources. It is a grey coloured skin with accents in blue at a resolution of 1280x720 (Displays also perfect at 1920x1080). All screens are designed in such a way that all information will be diplayed within frames with a limited use of fanart in a uniform and functional way.

created by: Lbr_Lion | Format: 16:9 | Download | Forumlink


Orginally started by macardi, this skin is a blend from various sources and enhanced with some creative ideas Elegant colours and blending paired with less bling-bling and the smooth Ken Burns effect on the back ground allow you a totally customized skin with just a few clicks.

created by: Psycho Reptileltfearme, trevor | Format: 16:9 | Download | Forumlink

PureVisionHD 1080

PureVisionHD 1080 is a widescreen skin (16:9) with a resolution of 1920x1080, scaling well on 1366x768 HDReady screens as well. The skin has no unnecessary animations or gimmicks. It was designed for a *fast* access of all MP functions, has a clearly readable GUI (with respect to barrier-free user interfaces) but still offers an interesting and elegant theme.

It fully supports all standard plugins of MediaPortal 1.3.x and about 70(!) of the most popular plugins. PureVisionHD 1080 offers 4 different themes: Classic, Blue, Horizon and Modern UI. These themes can easily be switched from within MediaPortal GUI. Due to its fanart-based layout, PureVisionHD 1080 offers best visibility of fanartnot covered by extremely dark menu backgrounds though offering all necessary information.

created by: Catavolt | Format: 16:9 | Download | Forumlink


Streamed MP is a port of Team Razorfishes skin Mediastream created for XBMC, over to the popular open source HTPC Application MediaPortal. Streamed MP is a close port, however there are some new views/layouts included with the skin that will keep the fanart fans happy. This skin has also been designed with ease of use in mind, with a custom menu generator included to make creating menus suited to your setup extremely easy. All of this is wrapped up in a nice installer that also installs the latest version of two very popular plugins TV Series (currently being worked on by various developers) and Moving Pictures (worked on by fforde and armandp).

created by: ltfearme, trevor | Format: 16:9 | Download | Forumlink


Xtreme is based on the very popular skin Xface (by Harley) with Basic Home design origins from StreamedMP. The skin resolution is 1280x720 but looks great also on 1920x1080 Full HD screens.

Xtreme MP1.3 compatible release contains 5 different themes in addition to the default one.

created by: Marduk65 | Format: 16:9 | Download | Forumlink

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