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The following skins are no longer in development and do not support the current stable version of MediaPortal. However, they will still work if you are using a previous version or you may find user modified versions in the Skins Forum that will work with the latest version.

Blue3 / Blue3wide

Blue3 was the default skin for MediaPortal until it was replaced by Default / DefaultWide in MediaPortal 1.2.0. It is available for both 16:9 and 4:3 screens and has been designed with simple elegance to support even the most basic PCs. Many skins are based on Blue3 and you will find several variations using different colors, graphics and styles. We have made the Blue3 / Blue3wide skin files available to the community in case someone wish to make it available and maintain it as an extension. The Team certainly hopes that this will happen.

created by: Harley | Format: 4:3 & 16:9 | SourceForge repository link


Another new, innovative HD skin for MediaPortal 1.2.0. As the name suggests, the skin displays as much as possible of backdrops (fanart) with a clean minmalist display of data (less is more!)  This skin is fast - switching back to the home screen is almost instant, even with full fanart support for all menu items. Plus, the home screen turns into a slide show when you are not using it (the menu fades until you need it).  Backdrop also introduces many unique animations to display menus, layouts and images. To top it all off, navigation is consistent in all screens, thus making it easy for new users!

created by: cul8er | Format: 16x9 HD (1080p) | Download | Forum link


BleazleWide offers a professional look to MediaPortal: a blend of minimalism and dark colour combined with some animation (and now FanArt) thrown in to add interest. The original inspiration came from the now defunct Foofaraw skin, but over time it has evolved considerably. The skin is based on Blue3Wide so almost every plugin can be supported in BleazleWide even if it is not specifically supported yet. You just might have to do a bit of tweaking.

created by:  Bleazle | Format: 16:9 | Download | Forumlink

Black & White

Black & White 1080 is a black & white themed skin for your full HD 1080 display.

created by: aj1405 | Format: 16:9 | DownloadForumlink


Maya is based on Blue3Wide and a couple of other inspiring sources. Our goal is to create a simple professional skin that does not rely solely on fan art (although it uses some in relevant places), is easy on the eye and great for daily family use, but has a modern and classy feel.

created by:  joostzilla | Format: 16:9 | Download | Forumlink


Like Streamed MP, MediaStream is a port of Team Razorfish' skin Mediastream created for XBMC. Although both skins remain true to the original design, they differ in some ways.  MediaStream is optimized for 1280x720 (16:9), but will also display nicely on 1366x768 resolution screens.

created by: pilehave | Format: 16:9 | Download | Forumlink


Monochrome - for those who like dark skins

Monochrome, and its companion version Indigo (blue version) has been one of the top skins of MediaPortal since 2007.  Its clean, sharp design, minimalistic yet elegant style, and top notch performance continue to make it a favorite today. It is designed for 1366x768 screen resolution, supports a vast array of plugins and provides a new customizable BasicHome screen with animated sub menus.

created by: Psycho Reptile | Format: 16:9 | Download | Forumlink


Xface has long been one of the most popular skins for MediaPortal. It was one of the first skins to offer a sleek, classy look and smooth interface. The design has been improved even more, using all the new skin features for MediaPortal 1.1.0.  The NowPlayingScreen sports a new style with fully working analog VU Meters. The new installer lets you customize the skin to your own needs: EPG with 11 or 9 rows, BasicHome screen options, Topbar with or without shortcut icons; weather on Home and BasicHome screens (using the InfoService plugin), and much more.

created by: Harley | Format: 16:9 | Download | Forumlink


The concept of this very polished skin is to make all options in MediaPortal available as easy as possible and this in an attractive way. The skin tries to keep good balance between the use of fanart and usability. There is an advanced built in menu editor that can be used from within MP Configuration to customize your basichome menu. X-Factor was originally based/built upon the great skin files from StreamedMP and is developed for 1280x720 resolution but thanks to the MediaPortal software it scales beautifully up to 1920x1080. The skin has a very wide community plugin support and an active and dynamic support forum including some community mods.

created by: cul8er | Format: 16:9 | Download | Forumlink


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