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Tagging from Internet helps, when you know the Artist and / or Album and the filenames are meaningful, but information like e.g. the Track number is not available in the filename.

Currently the lookup is done via Amazon Web Services only, but it will be enhanced to work with other sites as well.

This time we have the newest album from John Fogerty, named Revival. (I saw him live on stage performing songs out of it. You shouldn't miss that, if you like music from CCR.)

The songs are just named by their title and there are no tags inside the files. So we mark all files and activate Tag from Internet.

First a screen appears that asks for Artist and / or Album. This screen would not be shown, when Artist or Album is already available in the Tags.

The Search returns multiple albums, so they are shown in the following screen:

Selecting the album, now compares the song names returned with the file name and tries to match them. If a match is found, the File name and song name are shown together in the list boxes. Th Up and Down buttons may be used to move the files. Once satisfied press continue and the files are tagged correctly.



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