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Copy the AudioRendererChanger.dll to process plugin folder of MediaPortal (normally C:\Program Files\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\plugins\process)



The configuration dialog is divided into three parts:

  1. DirectShow configuration for DVD/Bluray, video and tv
  2. BASS configuration for music
  3. General configuration like MP-config changes and OSD

Configuring DirectShow


Adding audio devices

  1. In the combobox below "available audio renderers" you can chose the audio device to switch.
  2. Click on "Add to list" to insert the chosen audio device to the list "selected audio renderers"
  3. Here you can see the audio devices in the same order than they will be activated cirularily.
  4. You can insert a regkey which will be executed before changing the audio device by double clicking on the cell in the column "Regkey". A file browser dialog will be opend where you can select the regkey-file with ending ".reg"
  5. If you want to switch automatically to an AC3 audio stream in tv section you can double click on the cell in column "prefer AC3" to switch this to "true". Sorry but this doesn't work on the fly. This only affects the next channel change!
  6. With the buttons right of the list you can reorder and delete the selected row.

Defining keys and actions

  • Hotkey:

Here you can choosing a shortcut on your keyboard to make ARC switching the audio device. (choose this if you want to use the plugin with IRSS, Girder or keyboard)

  • MediaPortal Action:

Here you can choosing an Action of MediaPortal (choose this if you want to use a remote out of in-built MP remote support)

Defining sections

Here you can select in which sections ARC will change the audio renderer by checking or unchecking the specific section.


If you use regkeys and audio renderers with different number of channels (e.g. stereo and 5.1) it cout be that the codec settings won't be correct if you don't check all sections!

Configuring BASS-Player

Configure this like described above in "Configuring DirectShow"

General settings

set renderer as default

Here you can check or uncheck each section. If a section is checked ARC will change your device on the fly regarding the section settings in "DirectShow" and in MP-configuration. So the selected audio renderer is active even your HTPC is turned off or MP is shutted down.

OSD settings

Here you can activate an OSD. It should be compatible to every skin you use. Because here the text field of the litte info bar is used.

Set your prefered timeout for OSD.


While ARC is showing the OSD you will not be able to do another action inside MediaPortal!


Once you configured your plugin you can make ARC changing the audio renderer by doing the defined actions.

Default is pressing "k" or the key which is mapped to "NEXT_BOOKMARK" to switch the DirectShow renderer and pressing "j" or the key which is mapped to "PREV_BOOKMARK" to switch the BASS renderer.


How to get a Regkey

If you know what you do you can export the settings (I think all codecs save their settings in the registry of windows) by exporting it out of registry.

Some codecs (e.g. ffdshow) support the export of the registry key out of the configuration dialog of the codec itself.



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