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Select your TV Setup (single-seat, dedicated TV-Server, client), database server and custom options

TV Installation

TV Setup

If you chose to watch TV with MediaPortal, the first question is about the type of setup you want to create.

Single Seat

Singleseat Installation will install both MediaPortal and the TV-Server on the computer. The computer must contain a TV Card that supports recording. This computer can be used for both recording and viewing live TV and recordings.

Note You can still install a MediaPortal client on another computer also; a single seat installation can also function as a server for another computer.

Dedicated TV-Server (Master)

Dedicated TV-Server (master) will install the TV-Server, not MediaPortal. The computer has to contain a TV Card that supports recording, but will not be used for viewing. You will use another computer for the MediaPortal client (or any other TV-Server client) to watch the television stream.

MediaPortal Client

MediaPortal client will install MediaPortal with the TV Client only, without the TV-Server. To view TV content the TV client can connect to another PC which has MediaPortal with Singleseat or Dedicated TV-Server option installed on it.

Database Server (SQL)

If you chose Singleseat Installation or Dedicated TV-Server in the previous question, then you will have to install a database. Out of the box, MediaPortal supports both Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition and MySQL Community Server. If you haven't installed a database server yet, you can now choose which one to install. If you  want to use MS SQL Express, you should install it yourself before installing TV Server.  The MP installer can install MySQL for you as part of its installation preocedure.  See SQL Server for more information about the available options.

Next up is the question where to install the database server software, and what password to use for the sa (system administrator) account. The default password is MediaPortal.

The 'learn here why' link will open the related Wiki page:  SQL Server 2008

The installer will automatically set Windows firewall exceptions for the database server in use. 

Note: If you're using a 3rd party firewall you have to configure it manually. See: Firewall Settings


Install Path

The last question in Advanced Installation is about the installation path of the TV-Server application.






Update to MySQL 5.6



NFO file usergroup (movie set) additional support





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