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The TV-Server of MediaPortal 1 uses an external, SQL Server to store all data (TV Channels, Radio Stations, Recording Schedules, settings, etc.)

We support Sun's MySQL, as well as Microsoft's SQL Server.

If you do not use the TV feature of MediaPortal 1, then an SQL Server is not required. MediaPortal itself uses SQlite internally.

Which SQL Server to choose

There are many different opinions about which SQL Server is the "best" one to use. Sun's MySQL, as well as Microsoft's SQL Server are both very powerful applications. Yet because MySQL conserves a bit more resources on your system, Team MediaPortal recommends to use this SQL Server.

Installation and Configuration

If you are installing MediaPortal 1 for the first time, then the installer will download, install and configure MySQL automatically.

If you want to use a different SQL Server, or deploy it manually, then please visit the related manuals linked in the next section.

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