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On Mon, 12 Nov 2012, vuego suggested that this page or section is outdated and needs to be updated - Old forum.

You may attach files, such as images and logs, directly to your forum posts. In fact, when requesting support you must always attach Log Files. Attaching screenshot images can often be a key to solving your problem.

Attaching files

New Thread

  1. Start a new thread
  2. Type your text
  3. Scroll down to the Additional Options where you find Attach File

  4. Now click the Manage Attachments button which opens a new window.
    1. Select the File(s) you want to attach using the Browse button (see point 1 in screen) .
    2. Click the Upload button (see point 2 in screen).
    3. When done, click the Close this window button (see point 3 in screen).


Basically this works exactly like attaching files to a New Thread. The only difference is that you can not attach files using Quick Reply. 

If you want to attach a file to a reply, then you have to click 'Go Advanced' at the bottom of the page.

Position attachment

Attachments will show up in the Attachments section at the end of your post. It is possible to insert your attached file directly into any place in your text. 


  1. Click with the mouse at the location in your post where the file should be displayed.
  2. Now click at the "+" icon and select the attachment you want to position at mouse location.

  3. When you submit your post it will look like this:



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