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From  MP 1.16 with Windows 8.1 or 10 it is possible to play Bluray 3D.

Description of Change

BD-3D can be played  in conjunction with the optional Madvr video renderer, which must be installed and the following prerequisites adhered to .



Monitor or TV with 3D capability (active or passive), connected via HDMI 1.4 or higher and compatible 3D glasses.


Mp 1.16 or higher, Windows 8.1 or 10, LAV Filters version 0.7.0 or higher and latest Madvr.


Latest Madvr

Latest Lav Filters and additional download for 3D

Installation and Settings

Create a new hard disk folder and name it Madvr, extract the downloaded file to the folder and open it, then right click on the "Install.bat" file and select "Run as Administrator". A notification confirming the install will be displayed.

Media Portal installs LAV Filters automatically during installation, please check the version you have is 0.7.0 or above. If it is it is then just download the 32 bit 3D Plugin ( libfxsw32.dll) and add it to C:/Program Files (x86)/LAV Filters/x86. If you need to update LAV Filters download the installer and make sure the "H264 MVC 3D  Decoder (extra download) is selected during the installation, as below. This will automatically install the 3D plugin.

Open the Media Portal Configuration and select "Codecs and Renderer click the Video Renderer tab and select "Madshdi's Video Renderer madVR" as shown below. Also under all the other tabs make sure LAV is selected for all types of Video, Audio and Splitter.

Run the LAV Filters Video Configuration and set the "Hardware Decoder to use" to suit your GPU manufacturer, shown below. For AMD GPUs DXVA2 (copy-back) is traditionally recommended. DXVA2 (native) may provide better results with Nvidia and Intel GPUs. The D3D11 decoder is new and may offer improvements for all GPU types but the current version of Madvr (0.92.12 and lower) does not fully support its use with live TV, failures occur on channel changing, so only use it if the "Use EVR for Live TV" box is checked in the Media Portal Configuration see above.

Only those Madvr settings that are specific for 3D playback are shown, for starting out the remaining settings should be left as default

Navigate to the Madvr folder and double click on the file madHcCrl.exe, this will place the Madvr settings icon on the taskbar. Open the Madvr settings and enable the options as below.



Additional Resources

Restrictions are the same as those for general Bluray playback see Bluray Settings.

Further detailed information is available in a number of Madvr setup guides such as


Questions can be raised in the MP Forum here



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