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How to find and add Channel logos to display in MediaPortal 

TV Channel Logos

MediaPortal can display channel logos in many places when using TV, such as in your TV Guide, program listings, recorded TV, even the OSD (On Screen Display) while watching live or recorded TV.

 However, you must download the logos you wish and ensure they match your channel names.


One of the best sources is our Downloads Repository > Logos which provides many logo packs by region for different cable providers. In most cases the installers for these logo packs will automatically save your logos to the correct folder in MedIaPortal:

  • ...\MediaPortal\Thumbs\tv 

and will match your channel names.


Recently the new LogoManager plugin has taken over many repositories, so main pack owners have switched to support LogoManager and only update logos for use with it. LogoManager has simple user interface, configurable from MediaPortal itself, has logo autoupdate function, and allows to select different logo templates (called "desings" there).

Some Logos don't display

Sometimes broadcasters change the channel name sightly (e.g. 5 vs Channel 5), so if you find that the odd logo isn't showing, then find the .png file in the ...\MediaPortal\Thumbs\tv folder and modify the filename to match the channel name exactly.

For further details, more sources of logos, and troubleshooting, see Channel Logos. 




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