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MyClickMania is based upon the well known game from 1996.

Development Status

  • Currently stable with MediaPortal



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  2. Be sure to use numbered bullets for steps.
  3. Include screenshots where necessary.


To enable or disable this plugin and access it's configuration menu, see MediaPortal Setup Plugins. Here's the MyClickMania configuration; you can change the name to display as you wish:.

Usage Guide

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Change Log

  • Version 1.1 update by zebons
    • Compatibility with MP
    • Corrected some overlap issues.
    • Added a configuration plugin.
    • Ability to rename plugin name and plugin title (ie : my clickmania --> clickmania)
  • Version update by Bavarian
    • Take back function implemented
    • problem with the buttons solved
  • Version update by Bavarian
    • new Sounds are added (thx to carreno)
    • key interface for the remote control users are added
    • some skin improvements
    • i know the toggle buttons are wrong - maybe a skin expert can check the skin file, to find out why the order of the buttons are wrong.

my thx goes also to tomtom21000 and MrMichell for their good feedback

  • Version By Bavarian
    • Graphics from tetris.
    • "Game over" will be displayed at the end.
    • Some sounds are include, but I am looking for more cool sounds.


Bavarian, zebons.

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