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Download, select and change the movie cover image you wish to display for your film using the Cover Manager (as of v 6.0.0).

Importing Covers

When you import or update films (via AMC Updater), My Films offers a variety of ways to 'grab' covers:

  1. Use a grabber script that grabs covers from the source site (note IMDB-Full grabs bigger covers from IMDb sub-pages)
  2. Use  a grabber script that grabs data from one site and covers from another (e.g. IMDB-TMDBcover)
  3. Use one grabber script to grab data and another grabber script to update covers from your preferred site.

However, as of v 6.0.0 My Films includes a Cover Manager to simplify the process of getting just the cover you want!

Cover Manager

Although AMC and other catalogs may only support a single cover, My Films allows you to grab covers from various sites and select, or change the cover when you get bored with it!

As of v 6.0.0, My Films introduces a new Cover Manager to download additional covers, and select  or change the cover you wish to display.

You may access the Cover Manager from the Context menu in either Main or Details window

Change Cover

Simply select a cover in the list, then press OK/Enter to change it to the default cover that will display in My Films. 

Cover Manager Menu

Press the left arrow to view the main menu for Cover Manager:

  • Layout - select Icons, Big Icons or Filmstrip (shown above) layout
  • Filter - filter covers by size/resolution
  • Download Covers

Download Covers

  1. Download single Cover - displays the grabber scripts available that can download covers - only downloads one cover
  2. Download  multiple Covers - displays the grabber scripts available that can download multiple covers
  3. Download Covers (TMDb) - downloads all covers from TMDb

Cover images are stored in the folder you select for Cover images in Artwork Setup.  The file names are similar to fanart images in the fanart folder, (e.g. [-1213360075].jpg


Context Menu (Select Default, Delete covers, etc.)

  • Download Covers - opens the same same as those when you select the Download covers option from the main menu
  • Delete Covers - opens a sub-menu for delete cover options (see below) 
  • Filter Covers - opens the same filter sub-menu as the main menu Filter option (see above) 

Delete Covers

  • Delete movie cover from DB
  • Delete all [Low, Medium, High] - delete the covers by filter (resolution/size)
  • Delete selected cover - delete only the cover currently selected in the list
  • Delete all except currently selected - delete all covers except the cover currently selected in the list




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