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The advanced tuning options pane allows you to scan a single multiplex e.g. to test a new multiplex instead of doing a time consuming full scan.
To access the Advanced tuning options pane, check Use advanced tuning options.

The DVB-T control pane expands to the following view:

To scan a single multiplex, select the single transponder scan type, key in the frequency and bandwidth of the multiplex you wish to scan and klick on the Scan for channels button.
This can also be useful for finding the best place/orientation for your antenna, re-scanning a single transponder when channels have changed etc. without having to do a time-consuming full scan.

The dialog should change to the Scan progress pane (see above).


Further information about the scan types predefined provider and search for transponder list can be found in the Advanced Tuning Options for DVB-S



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