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This section is only visible in expert mode.

Here you can select some options for playing DVDs. 

Use MediaInfo for DVDs - this will scan your DVD to display information on the codecs used to encode the video and audio.  It can be quite slow on a DVD but works fine for image files.

Note! You have to enable the above setting for the Dynamic Refresh Rate to work on discs!

External Player - use an external player to play DVDs

  • Use external Player - Default: off
    This disables the internal player and enables MediaPortal to utilize an alternative player installed on your system (for physical discs and image files only!).
  • Path/Filename
    Select an external player for playing DVDs, for example: C:\Program Files\ZoomPlayer\zplayer.exe
  • Parameters
    Using parameters MediaPortal can send additional options to the external player for example, /Q to quit the player when the DVD stops and the listing would be as follows: /Play /Q /S

Note: Using an external player you will not be able to use the On-Screen Display (OSD), videow preview or overlay window or several other options supported for Vdieo playback. In additon, controls, settings etc will need to be set separately for the player by utilizing its own setup protocols.





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