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As you may already realize, there are several ways to obtain EPG data.

  • From your DVB signal
  • Using the WebEPG Plugin included in MediaPortal to grab data from internet websites
  • Via the XMLTV plugin, also included in MediaPortal,  which enables you to import any EPG data already in XMLTV format.

DVB Sources

DVB sources likely already provide EPG data in your local language. You do not have to grab the data, you just need to configure it in Configuration > TV-Server  > DVB Sources


XMLTV is an XML based file format for describing TV listings. You can often obtain your XMLTV data in your local language.  You can find many sources of XMLTV data in these wIki pages under Customization > Localization > By Country.  Then follow the instructions under Configuration > TV-Server > Plugins > XMLTV to import your data into MediaPortal's TV Guide.


For WebEPG data, MediaPortal provides a large number of grabbers to help you integrate your EPG data in MediaPortal.  First you must configure the WebEPG plugin under Configuration > TV-Server > Plugins > WebEPG

If there is not already a grabber to get WebEPG data for your location, check our[ EPG Grabbers Forum|] to see if someone else has already created one.

If not, try creating your own grabber.  See Contribute > Localizaiton > EPG Grabbers > WebEPG

Further Information

See also for further details.



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