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Added the ability to specify that a texture should tile fill an image rectangle rather than stretch to its extent. The implementation takes advantage of the texture processor in DirectX and so the texture that you specify ideally needs to be a square with power of 2 dimensions (2x2,4x4,8x8,16x16,32x32,64x64...). Other geometry will not yeild expected results. Additionally, tiling occurs from the upper left corner of the bounding rectangle. If the width or height of the texture tile exceeds the dimensions of the bounding rectangle then the texture will be clipped at the edge of the bounding rectangle (as you would expect); this allows for good control over horizontal and/or vertical rectangles that would like to have repeated tiles along their longest dimension (e.g., a diagonal pattern fill in buttons).

Description of change

The following controls make use of tile filling:

  • image
  • button
  • button3part
  • GUIAnimation (which animates images)

For an image control simply indicate that tile filling should used:


For a button control indicate that tile filling should used on the appropriate texture (focus, nonfocus, hover):

      <description>tv settings button</description>
      <textureFocus tileFill="yes">list-nofocus.png</textureFocus>
      <textureNoFocus tileFill="yes">-</textureNoFocus>
      <scrollWrapString> | </scrollWrapString>

For a button3part control indicate that tile filling should used on the appropriate texture as follows:

      <description>template for program running button</description>
      <textureFocusedLeft tileFill="no">tvguide_button_selected_left.png</textureFocusedLeft>
      <textureNonFocusedLeft tileFill="no">tvguide_button_left.png</textureNonFocusedLeft>
      <textureFocusedMid tileFill="yes">tvguide_button_selected_middle.png</textureFocusedMid>
      <textureNonFocusedMid tileFill="yes">tvguide_button_middle.png</textureNonFocusedMid>
      <textureFocusedRight tileFill="no">tvguide_button_selected_right.png</textureFocusedRight>
      <textureNonFocusedRight tileFill="no">tvguide_button_right.png</textureNonFocusedRight>



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