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Please note, these are the default keyboard shortcuts provided with MediaPortal and do not reflect any changes you may have made in Configuration > Keys and Sounds

Fullscreen TV

Switch Zoom mode/AR

Show/Hide OSD

Step backward

Step forward

Big step backward

Big step forward

Previous TV-channel

Next TV-channel

Mini EPG

Show/Hide MSN chat window

Enter channel number

Last Channel

Record Current Programme



Recorded TV

Jump to the end of the previous commercial segment (when using Comskip)

Jump to the end of the next commercial segment (when using Comskip)

Delete selected Recording



TV Guide

Decrease time interval

Increase time interval

Move time window backward

Move time window forward

Goto current time

Default time interval


Enter teletext page number





Show Index page (100)

Hidden mode

Transparent mode (Fullscreen only)

Previous page

Next page

Exit Teletext view

Previous subpage

Next subpage

Red button

Green button

Yellow button

Blue button



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