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 MediaPortal 1.25 
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 MediaPortal 2.3
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Development Status

Current Version -

The Plugin will only be available for MediaPortal 1.7 and higher



Requires MediaPortal 1.7 - 1.16 Pre

Secondary Display/Touchscreen or another PC

Microsoft .NET 4.5

If you use an Android Tablet try "iDisplay". Runs quite good ;-)


Download & HowTo install

Project Website

Forum Threat (English) & (German)

MP Download Repository

You can find the FAQ on our Website.



PlugIn:    sebimuxx, (sa_ddam213)

GUI:        sebimuxx

Skins:     Wondermusic

Testers: mrbonsen, pur_berger, diskeeper, hapklaar, christix, kleinerflo, powermarcel10, samdezwam


Release Roadmap

Now we are trying to port MPD++ to MP2. 


You will find the actual Changelog here: Changelog


You can follow us on the Project Website.

There is also a Mantis Bugtracker integrated, to report any issues.



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