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The MPEG-2 codec is the most used codec for DVDs and television.

Codec included in MediaPortal releases

LAV Video Decoder

During MediaPortal installation, the user gets an option to install LAV Filters. It is a good decoder which provides MPEG-2 playback out of the box. See LAV Filters for more information.

3rd party codecs

Windows 7 integrated codec

Microsoft integrated a very good codec into Windows 7, which is able to play MPEG-2 videos.

It also makes use of the hardware decoding features offered by many gfx-cards.

The name of this codec is Windows DTV-DVD Video-Decoder.


Besides selecting this codec for MPEG-2



PowerDVD incudes a codec for MPEG-2 playback which offers very good hardware decoding support for gfx-cards. However, some users report issues with interlaced content - the hardware deinterlacing fails randomly. In some cases, upgrading the gfx-card drivers helps.


Visit the cyberlink homepage and buy PowerDVD (some users reported that the trial works for them as well)


Just install PowerDVD


Besides selecting this codec for MPEG-2 in MediaPortal Configuration, there is no additional configuration required.


Users report very different results when using ffdshow for MPEG-2 videos.

Some users report that it is the best codec - others that it is not working at all.


  • ffdshow tryouts - If ffdshow is already installed, continue with the configuration step, if not:


  1. run the installer
  2. in the screen where you are asked about which video and audio formats ffdshow should decode DE-SELECT everything.
  3. now scroll down the list and only select the MPEG-2 codec
  4. click the next button and finish the installation with using the default values in the next screens


  1. ffdshow was installed in above step
    • Besides selecting this codec for MPEG-2 in MediaPortal Configuration, there is no additional configuration required.
  2. ffdshow was already present on the system
    • If you have ffdshow already present on your system then:
  • go to your windows start menu
  • select the Videodecoder-Configuration shortcut
  • scoll the list down until you find the MPEG-2 entry
  • change the setting from deactivated to libavcodec
  • close the Videodecoder-Configuration
  • Select this codec in MediaPortal Configuration



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