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Add, remove or edit folders that contain the music files you wish to add to your music database, display and play in MediaPortal.


Select Music folders to determine:

  1. Which folders display when you browse your media using Music Shares view  - you can choose a display name for the folder as well as several options
  2. Which folders are available when you wish to Scan your media files using Music Database Settings

You may also configure many of these settings, as well as more advanced customization, using the MediaPortal Configuration Tool, see Configuration > Music > Music Folders

Select the Folders option from the Music Settings menu: 

The left menu buttons provide the 'actions' you can perform (Add, Remove, Edit, Reset) for each folder you select under Folders. So first you select a folder, then an action you wish to perform.

The Folder Info section displays the current settings for the selected folder, and whatever changes you make using Add or Edit.

The Options section offers 'global' options that apply to all your video folders.

Add a folder

  1. Press the "Add" button
  2. Several options are available for each folder you choose to add:  Name and Path are required.

  • Name (required)
    • add a name for the folder (which will display in MediaPortal)


  • Path (required)
    • select local drive or path (you can also add network drives\paths by choosing "Network" label -> manual entry will be available in case nothing is found )

  • Once you have highlighted your target drive or path chose the "Select" button to confirm your choice (the selected drive\path will be in different color and also visible as label on top)

  • Pin (optional)
    • add Pin to protect folder from unauthorized access

3.    When all is set up, just exit the folder options menu and you're done (on the right side you can see your added folder information)


  • Thumbs - this option only displays if you have enabled the 'Auto Create Thumbs' in GUI > Thumbnail Settings. otherwise the Folder info will display "Video thumbs disabled globally'. If you have enabled this feature, it will display 'N/A' as this setting is not available for Music..
  • Each folder is movie
    • N/A for music folders

Edit an existing folder

Select a folder in the folder list and press the "Edit" button where you can edit name, path or pin.

Remove an existing folder

Select folder in folder list and press the "Remove" button.


Press the 'Reset' button to delete your folder list or add your optical drives (if "Add optical drives" option is selected) and default Windows music folder (you will be asked to confirm your action).


Remember last folder - Default=off
When enabled, MediaPortal will remember the last used folder, so hitting the back button will return to the last folder used, rather than to the top of the list. This option must be enabled in the skin you are using, and may only be enabled for some windows (See Configuration > GUI > GUI Settings Section  - Allow remember last focused item on supported window/skin Default=off) 

Add optical drives - Default=off
Enable this option to include optical drive letters in the list of folders 

Switch to removablesDefault=off
Enable this option to automatically switch to removables drives such as DVD, Blu-Ray, USB or external HDD drives. whenever the drive is connected or media is inserted.




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