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We need to tell developers a bit about using Subversion for their development, and the possibility to use plugins SVN at SourceForge. See also the forum thread.

Subversion is a version control system or concurrent versions system (CVS) that keeps programming source code, including all previous versions, in a central database. The most popular of these databases is offered free of charge by SourceForge. This is also where the MediaPortal code is kept, and where a repository for MediaPortal plugins has been created.

Why should you use version control, what are the advantages?

  • multiple users
  • fix regression bugs
  • fix bugs in old versions
  • continue development after abandoning

Quick overview

  • Get a SourceForge account.
  • Request access by sending a message to hwahrmann, rtv or James.
  • Install TortoiseSVN.
  • Create a new subfolder, containing only the files that need to be send to SourceForge.
  • On the context menu of the subfolder itself, select TortoiseSVN > Import.
  •<plugin name> .
  • Go to your project folder, and delete (or move to another folder) the files you just sent to SourceForge
  • On the context menu of the project folder, select SVN Checkout
  • Enter the same URL as used before (including pluginname subfolder)
  • Regularly, for example at the end of every day, perform an SVN Commit on the folder to send your changes to the repository.



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