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Table of Contents

World Radio: at your fingertips

Using the Radio feature in MediaPortal, you can:

  • Organize and listen to your favorite radio stations
  • Stream DVB and FM radio through internal add on cards
  • Use the integrated player or use your favorite external application

Radio Setup

Before you can play Radio, you must configure Radio using TV-Server configuration. Why TV-Server you may ask?  Well, Radio supports FM stations available on your TV Card, as well as streams using IPTV or websites. The radio stations available via your TV Card must be tuned in using the TV-Server configuration.

The great result is that you may use many of the same features and functions for Radio as you do for TV! That includes streaming radio to any client PC.  Of course to use all the Radio features, you will want to add EPG data to your Radio Guide and likely wish to add Radio Station logos

Once you have tuned your channels and added EPG data, you can:

Menu Options

By clicking on the arrow on the left side or pressing the cursor-left button on the keyboard or RC you get to the radio menu:

Layout: List, Icons, Big Icons

The list-view is shown in the picture above, the icons and big-icons view below

Sort options

Sort by name, Type, Genre, Bit-rate, Channel

Further options:

  • Previous - changes channel to the radio station/stream one above the current station in the list as sorted by name. 
  • Next - changes channel to the radio station/stream one below the current station in the list as sorted by name.



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