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The RadioWebStream card is a virtual card that gives you the ability to listen to internet streams from websites like SHOUTcast as if they are FM or DVB radio channels.

Radio web streams are NOT streamed from TV Server like other TV and radio channels. Instead, clients connect directly to streams and play them locally. This means that clients must have an internet connection in order to use this functionality.

TV Server Configuration

Although TV Server does not connect to the streams, some configuration is still necessary to make the streams available in MediaPortal channel lists.

The RadioWebStream card does not need any configuration:


Web stream channels must be created in the Radio Channels section of TV Server configuration:


The final steps to create a web stream channel are:

  • add the channel to one or more channel groups so that it is visible in MediaPortal
  • map the channel to the RadioWebStream card in the Radio Mapping section


Note: Radio web streams cannot be recorded or previewed in TV Server configuration.



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