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In this section you can manage your radio channels in the same manner as your TV channels.

For each channel the type is shown. If a channel can be received by multiple cards (like DVB-S, DVB-T and analog) then all types are listed. With the up/down controls you can specify the order of the channels, or press on the Name header to sort them by name.

The principles of this sections are exactly the same as in the TV Channels section, so refer to this section for a more detailled explanation.

As of TV-server version 1.2.1. the meaning of the red encircled T and the green encirdcled T are faultily reversed compared to the TV channels.
Normally encrypted or scrambled should have red encircled *and FTA channels a green encirdcled *T.

Nevertheless the Test, Uncheck and Delete buttons in the Scrambled/encrypted channels section work correctly so this is only a cosmetic issue.



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