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Table of Contents

Watch Recordings

Some users add their Recordings folder to Videos folders so they can watch recordings using the Videos feature.
Other users rename their recorded TV files and scan them into the TV Series database to watch them using the MP-TV Series plugin.

Would you like to watch all the programs you have recorded? Select Recorded TV from the TV Home window or press the Recorded TV button on your remote. The Recorded TV window displays the programs saved to the recording folder(s) you select in Configuration > TV-Server > Recording. Thumbnail images of your recordings can be configured in Configuration > General > Thumbnails.

Select a recorded program and press Enter/OK to watch it. Watched recordings display in a different color (orange in DefaultWide skin).

Menu options

  • Layout:     [ List|List Layout], Icons, Big Icons, or Big Icons List.
  • Sort by: Channel, Date, Title, Genre, Watched or Duration. Use the up/down arrow button to the right to sort in ascending or descending order.
  • Switch View: Displays a dialog of view options: Recordings, Genres, TV Channels or Date:

  • Cleanup: Lets you quickly remove recorded files.

You'll first be prompted whether you really want to delete files:


If you select "no", nothing will be done.

If you select "yes", you'll be asked what type of recordings you would like to delete:

Watched recordings are recordings that you've already viewed.

Invalid recordings are recordings that no longer exist (for example, because you deleted them outside MediaPortal).

Context menu

When you select a recorded program and press F9 or the Info/More button on your remote, a dialog or context menu will display:

  • Play and Delete: Self explanatory.
  • Reset Watched Status: This option only displays if the current program has been watched.
  • Upcoming Episodes: Displays the Program Information window of all upcoming episodes of the same TV program.
  • Settings: Displays the Recorded Info window:

  • Keep until: Displays a menu to select how long you wish to retain the recorded file.



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