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Enable and control the refresh rate of your playing videos (movies)

Refresh Rate

These are the same settings you can configure using  Configuration > General > Dynamic Refresh Rate

See the Stuttering Playback guide for more detail on how to set your refresh rates for stutter free playback.


  • Enable Dynamic Refresh Rate Control
    Switches Dynamic Refresh ON or OFF
  • Use Device Reset
     If the refresh rate changing method provokes a device reset, enable this option.
  • Notify on refresh rate change
    You can specify if you wish to be notified of change of refresh rate
  • Force Refresh Rate Change
     Disable detection of current refresh rate and force change to specified rate
  • Use default refresh rate
    When playback of a media file is stopped, the refresh rate will go back to original refresh rate before changing.
    Options are "CINEMA", "PAL", "HDTV", "NTSC" and "TV"

Note: When you use a Multi-seat setup and use RTSP for LiveTV, the Dynamic Refresh Rate doesn't work! More info about this can be found in the Known Issues Wiki.

Note 2: For Dynamic Refresh Rate to work on actual discs, you have to enable the setting Use MediaInfo for DVDs, see DVD Player.

Add, Remove or Edit Refresh Rates

  • Add - add a new refresh rate to the list
  • Remove - FIRST select a refresh rate from the list THEN press remov* *
  • Edit - FIRST select a refresh rate from the list THEN press edit

When adding or editing a refresh rate a dialog window displays so you can select the parameters you wish to add or change





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