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The Installer will ask you a series of questions to guide you through the installation of MediaPortal.


When you first run the installer you will be greeted by an initial welcome screen

The first question the installer will ask is what language you want to choose for the installation process.

Select your preferred language from the drop down box - then and click Next

Installation Options

The second page asks you whether to Start with the installation now or Only download required components.

If you wish to install MediaPortal on another PC, HDD or clean OS, or on a system that is not connected to the internet, you should choose the option to Only download required components. This option will save all the required files for installing MediaPortal to a folder called MediaPortal Installation in your temporary files folder so you do not need to download them again.

If you choose Only download required components, proceed to[ Download Only|Download Only]

No Internet Connection

If the PC you are planing to use MediaPortal on does not have access to the internet, you can simply copy the installer to a PC with an internet connection, restart it and select the Only download required components option. The installer will download all necessary components to a folder which you can copy to your media PC after the downloads have finished. Starting the MediaPortal.DeployTool.exe from within this folder it is now possible to install MediaPortal without the need of an internet connection.

Update, Reinstall or Fresh install

If you have a previous version of MediaPortal installed the following screen will display

In many cases you can simply update your current version of MediaPortal. However, you can only upgrade a previous version (where the version number is older than the current version).

Update current installation

Performs an update to a newer MediaPortal version. Old settings and plugins will be saved.

Reinstall current installation

Performs a new installation of the already installed MediaPortal version where old settings and plugins are saved.

Fresh install

Performs a clean installation where all old settings and plugins are lost.

Use TV

The next question is if you want to watch TV with MediaPortal.

Choosing Yes will install the TV Server which handles all TV related actions like recording or time-shifting.

Installation Mode: One Click vs Advanced

Select One Click Installation, to install both the Client and Server software on your system and  proceed to Install.

Choose Advanced Installation ff you want to install only the client or  server software, or custom options.  






Installer - Deploy Tool



MySQL Upgrade choice







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