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This guide will show you how to setup aMPdroid an all necessary background services.

Installing the prequesites

First, install these services:

Installing aMPdroid

Configuring aMPdroid

  1. Run aMPdroid on your device
  2. Press Menu -> Settings
  3. Enter the Clients section
  4. Press Menu
    1. Add Host: Manually enter the device information
    2. QR Scan: Add a device by scanning a QR code (supported by WifiRemote and MpExtended)
    3. Scan: Scans for devices in the local network (needs Bonjour/Zeroconf installed)

Add Host

You can manually enter the neccessary data by pressing Menu -> QR Code in the  MediaPortal Clients section.

If all the services (GmaWebservice, Tv4Home, WifiRemote) run on the same machine, you can just use the simple configuration mode.

You have to enter the following information

  • Name of this Instance: The display name for this client
  • Host or IP Address: The network address of the pc. Note that windows network names (myserver, htpc) are not supported on android. Use either a full domain ( or the ip address (
  • Mac Address: The physical MAC address of the pc.
  • Username: The username that is used on WifiRemote, GmaWebservice and Tv4Home. On a standard install, this is admin per default).
  • Password: The password that is used on WifiRemote, GmaWebservice and Tv4Home. On a standard install, this is admin per default).
  • Use Authentication: Acivate this if you background services require authentication (On a standard install, this is activated per default.

If you have a client-server setup (e.g. tvserver on a different pc then your client/media) you need to use the advance configuration mode to enter different IPs.

You can now enter different settings (ip/port/mac/username/password) for the different services (MediaAccess, TvAccess, WifiRemote).

  • MediaAccess (MAS): The MpExtended installation where your media files (videos/music) are
  • TvAccess (TAS): The MpExtended installation where your MediaPortal tv server is installed
  • WifiRemote: The PC on which MediaPortal (with WifiRemote installed) is running

QR Scan

This is an easy way to set up a client configuration. Start the MediaPortal configuration, enter the plugins section -> WifiRemote -> Configuration -> QR Code. Check the Include Authentication option so that username and password will be set automatically.

In the MediaPortal Clients section, press Menu -> QR Code and take a picture of the QR Code with your phone. This will create a new client with all the information pre-filled. If all the data is correct, press OK to save it.

Connect aMPdroid to HTPC

Select the profile you have just created from the dropdown menu on the upper right corner.


If you selected the option Auto-Connect, aMPdroid will try to automatically connect to WifiRemote as soon as aMPdroid is started. If a connection was established successfully, the icon in the lower right section of the screen should be green, if no connection is active the icon will be a yellow glow (see screenshot above). If you have Auto-Reconnect enabled, aMPdroid will try to reestablish a connection if the connection is lost (e.g. Wifi Connection is dropped). Be aware that having a TCP connection open will drain your battery, so you might want to disconnect from WifiRemote if you're not controlling MediaPortal.


Being connected to WifiRemote vs. having a Connection to MpExtended

When you are controlling a running MediaPortal, aMPdroid establishes a persistent TCP connection to the MediaPortal plugin WifiRemote. This is neccessary to send the key commands as fast as possible and to receive status updates from the plugin (e.g. now-playing). This connection is indicated by the icon in the lower right corner (green=connected, red=disconnected). This doesn't mean that you cannot connect to your server, it just tells you that no active connection is open to MediaPortal.

When receiving data from MpExtended (movies, tv shows, music, tv channels,...) a http connection is used to download data only when the client needs new information. No active connection is open before or after the data is downloaded.

If you are not able to connect to one of these services, make sure you read the Troubleshooting section, before posting your problem in the mediaportal forums.



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