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Configure skip steps to determine the amount of time you  skip forward and backward when watching a video, movie, recorded TV program or time-shifted TV program. 


This section is only visible in expert mode.

You can also configure these settings within MediaPortal, see Skip Step Settings.

Each time you press the left and righ arrow keys, you can skip with larger steps, as configured here.\

For example:

  • right = 15 sec forward
  • right right = 30 sec forward
  • right right right = 1 minute forward

The skip steps are customizable by selecting the check boxes above.

  • Timeout before skipping occurs (msec.) - Default: 1500
    This is the amount of time MediaPortal waits for you to press the key again, before actually performing the forward or backward jump. Pressing right on the MS MCE Remote gives the following results, based on the setup above:
  • Immediate skip steps are by default set to up / down cursor keys. The skip is immediate and can be configured to be either:
    • Relative - a percentage of the current video length/timeshifted TV,
    • Constant (seconds) -  a fixed amount of seconds.



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