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Select or change the options to skip forward or back while playing a video, movie, live or recorded TV. 


While playing a video, movie, recorded TV program or time-shifted TV program you can skip back and forward, by default with the left and right cursor keys. By pressing these keys several times, you can skip with larger step*s. In this screen you can specify which *step sizes are available.

You can also configure these settings using the MediaPortal Configuration Tool, see Configuration >  GUI > Skip Steps (Expert Mode only)  

Select Skip Steps from the GUI Settings menu to display the Skip Step Settings:

For example with the default settings:

  • right = 15 sec forward;  left = 15 sec back
  • right right = 30 sec forward;  left left = 30 sec back 
  • right right right = 1 minute forward;  left left left = 1 min back  

Press the right arrow to navigate to the skip steps and select or de-select the steps you wish to use. You may also use the Add and Remove buttons to customize which skip steps display, or the Default button to reset the skip settings to the default values.


  • Timeout (ms) - Default: 1500
    the amount of time MediaPortal waits for you to press the key again, before actually performing the forward or backward 'skip'.

Skip Type

These settings affect 'immediate' skip steps which you can usually perform using the up/down arrows while playing a video.

  • Relative (%) - a percentage of the current video length/time-shifted TV
  • Constant (sec) - a fixed amount of seconds as specified by the Skip value



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