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When troubleshooting, it is sometimes necessary to perform a detailed analysis of the technical characteristics of the channels that you receive. This requires access to the raw transport stream produced by your tuner. TV-Server is able to create raw transport stream dumps through the use of a special debug option.

This feature is not available for analog cards with the exception of the Hauppauge Colossus and HD-PVR capture devices.

Creating a Transport Stream dump

  1. Start TV-Server Configuration using the debug options command line switch.
  2. Enable the raw TS dump setting in the Debug Options section.
  3. Restart TV Service.
  4. Select the channel and start timeshifting. Besides the normal 2 timeshifting files there will be a file named rawpaketdump.ts in the same directory as the timeshift files. Be aware that this file increases very quickly in size since it contains the whole transponder! The rawpaketdump.ts file gets overwritten if you stop timeshift and start it again.
  5. Stop timeshifting after ~1 minute.
  6. Disable the raw TS dump setting.
  7. Restart TV Service.

Providing the raw Transport Stream data to the team

Use the following filename template for the files being uploaded. This is a requirement. Files that have different naming convention will be deleted!



txt file should be used to describe the issue that you are seeing and a URL to the forum post.

Upload FTP account

Please contact for access details.



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