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TV EPG Grabber

If Store data only for the selected channels is checked, you need to check the channels you want EPG for either one by one or by one of the options in blue on the lower part.

Usually a provider will send EPG data for all channels from that provider with each channel. This means that you will only need to check one channel from each provider. So checking a channel here will decide which channel you want to retrieve EPG from.

If the Store data only for the selected channels is unchecked it will store EPG for all channels it find EPG for.

Note: Some channels are sending bad EPG that can make TV Server crash


On the lower left part you have the options to automatically set the checkmarks for EPG-grabbing channels for..

  • All channels
  • All Grouped channels, which means all the channels you have put into custom created channel-groups (including those that are not visible because they are not checked in the channel group)
  • All Grouped & Visible channels. Same as above but this time the unchecked (invisible) channels in the channel-groups are not grabbed
  • None to reset all checkmarks

On the lower right part you can automatically select All or None to uncheck all languages to be grabbed.




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