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DVB (Digital Video Broadcast) channels have the possibility to receive program information embedded in the signal-stream.
This system is called EPG (Electronic Program Guide).
The information that is received depends on the tv broadcaster. Some channels include very detailled EPG information, some only a very basic EPG and some don't transmit EPG at all. Besides receiving the EPG through the DVB stream you can also download the information from various internet sources by using the WebEPG plugin.

DVB EPG settings

Here you can adjust various settings of the way MediaPortal tv server handles DVB EPG.


Always try to fill holes

Sometimes it can happen that one epg entry ends at time x and the following entry on the same channel starts at time x + y. This means that there is a gap of y between those two epg entries. If MediaPortal is playing a tv channel where the epg has a gap it won't show any programming information until the new entry starts. With this option checked, MediaPortal will fill these gaps with the information of the neighboring entries

Always try to update existing entries (might raise CPU usage)

When EPG is received that is already stored locally and this option is checked, MediaPortal will always override the old content.Enable CRC checkSome broadcasters send a CRC checksum along with the EPG content. This allow MediaPortal to check if the EPG was received correctly. If this setting is enabled and the broadcaster is sending CRC checksums, MediaPortal will only store the EPG data if the check is successful.

Grab EPG only for channels on same transponder

Sometimes providers supply the EPG for all their channels on one transponder and don't put the EPG on other transponders (or maybe put only limited EPG on other transponders). This option controls whether the EPG grabber will grab all available EPG, or only the EPG for the channels on that transponder.


Display options

Here you can define how MediaPortal will present the information it gathered with the DVB EPG. On the right side you will see all variables that can be downloaded with the DVB EPG stream. However keep in mind that not all of these values might actually be used by the tv broadcaster. Possible values are:


Title of the current program


Description of the current program


Genre of the current porgram


Numerical rating of the current program - For example - 3 This value is given 'x out of 10'


Textual representation of the rating - For Example - *** This value is given 'x out of 5'


Classification of the current program


Parental rating of the current program, the system used depends on the country and the tv broadcaster.%NEWLINE%Inserts a newline (this variable is a constant)

These variables can be used to populate the Title and the Description of the programming information that is shown in MediaPortal. To test how the result will look like, press Test and you will see an example in the text areas below the button.

As an example the string %TITLE% %STARRATING_STR%(%GENRE%) would produce:


Over the hedge ***+(movie/drama (general))

TV and Radio EPG Grabber

In these sections you can define for which tv and radio channels EPG information should be grabbed and in which languages, see more in




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