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This section works exactly like the TV EPG Grabber.

So all explanations there are 1:1 valid here

As of TV-server version 1.2.1. the meaning of the red encircled R and the green encirdcled R are faultily reversed compared to the TV channels (scrambled/encrypted vs. FTA channels).




  1. says:
    This page doesn't display any information about getting the EPG working
    Posted Jun, 02 2011 21:12

  2. says:
    @catch22 Yes, that is one reason why it is marked incomplete, and if I can find anyone who knows I will bribe them to write it! (smile)
    Posted Jun, 02 2011 23:28

  3. says:
    identical TV EPG grabber.
    New picture with new options.
    Posted Okt, 17 2011 15:07