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This section allows you to select which video zoom modes, or aspect ratio, you wish to use when watching videos or TV in MediaPortal.

The zoom modes are selected by pressing on your keyboard or you can assign a button on your remote to change aspect ratio if it does not have one already.

Allowed zoom modes

  • Normal - Default: on
  • Original - Default: on
  • Zoom - Default: on
  • Zoom 14:9 - Default: on
  • Stretch - Default: on
  • Non-linear Stretch - Default: on
  • Letterbox 4:3 - Default: on

Default mode

This allows you to specify which zoom mode will be used when opening media. Below is a list of the different possibilities

  • Normal (default)
  • Original
  • Zoom
  • Zoom 14:9
  • Stretch
  • Non-linear Stretch
  • Letterbox 4:3



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