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One of the best and easiest ways to contribute to MediaPortal is by helping to support other users.

What You Need to Know

You should also be familiar with our Wiki Support section:

Wherever possible, refer users to the appropriate section of the Wiki.

Whenever you find or provide an answer especially to questions that are asked more than once, you should add the content to the Wiki, usually under FAQ, but also in the appropropriate sections on Using MediaPortal or Customizing MediaPortal

How to Find Posts/Threads where support is required

You may always use the Live Posts feature to keep track of newly entered posts.

Rules of Thumb when answering posts

  1. If you think a user's question is dumb or irrelevant, you should not answer it.  Chances are you will only insult the user and not be helpful, so better leave the answer or reply to someone who understands and sympathizes with the user's problem.
  2. Don't assume you know what a user means. If it is not clear, ask for clarification and further information.
  3. Help the user to document the steps to  reproduce their problem.  This is usually the key to correctly resolving the issue.



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