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MediaPortal supports two video renderers:

  • Video Mixing Renderer (VMR) 9 included with DirectX 9, and
  • Enhanced Video Renderer (EVR) which supports DXVA 2.0, which is available on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

If you are using Windows Vista or 7, EVR is recommended and selected by default. 

Normally you should not need to change these settings unless you are using Windows XP and need to select settings for VMR 9.

  • Video Mixing Renderer 9  - This contains the advanced settings for VMR9.
    You should have the Use Exclusive Mode checkbox ticked on for DirectX 9 cards or better for smoother video, especially fast motion scenes. DirectX Exclusive mode gives exactly that, exclusive rendering to the video file you're playing back. It avoids tearing of videos with a supported VMR9 capable graphics card.
  • Enhanced Video Renderer - Default on
    Enhanced Video Renderer (EVR) is the new video renderer supplied with Windows Vista. One of the advantages is that tearing to the picture is less likely to occur than when VMR9 is used.
    Note that Windows Vista and later is required to use EVR with hardware acceleration.



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