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The Wikipedia plugin allows you to search the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia from within MediaPortal. 


The Wikipedia plugin is installed with MediaPortal.

Although there are no configuration settings or options for the Wikipedia plugin, you can add or alter local sites by editing the xml file. See Customization > Wikipedia


  • Using an on screen virtual keyboard, you can enter a search term and the plugin will display the related article.  
  • You can also display images or follow links contained within the article.
  • The Wikipedia plugin currently supports thirteen local language Wikipedia sites.

Menu Options

Clicking this menu button opens a virtual keyboard on screen. The keys can be selected by navigating to a key by remote control, clicking on a key with a mouse or by typing on a keyboard. Note: use the SMS key to switch to SMS Input mode.

  1. Enter a search term
  2. Click "Done"  to search for the exact phrase. If the plugin finds an article on the search term, it will be displayed in a textbox on the right side of the screen. Note that searches are case sensitive. 

If the search returns no results, the message "Sorry, no article was found for your searchterm..."


Use the Language menu button to select your local Wikipedia site. Thirteen local sites (languages) are supported by MediaPortal.

You can alter the order of languages displayed, or add a site by modifying the wikipedia.xml file in the  [userdata]\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal folder. See Configuration > Plugins > Wikipedia

Selecting this menu button opens up an on screen menu with a list of related topics that are linked in the search term's Wikipedia entry. Selecting an item from the menu displays the Wikipedia article for the selected item.


The Images menu button will display a list of images contained in the Wikipedia entry for the current search term.

Selecting an item from menu replaces displays the associated image. The image replaces the text on the right side of the screen.

Back to the text

This menu button is only displayed when viewing an image. It allows you to return to the text of the Wikipedia entry after viewing a related image.



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