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Table of Contents


This sections gives detailed information about the installer, it's concepts and architecture.

Required features

  • multi-language support (switch language within the installer during runtime)
  • customize the installation directory of every feature
  • customize all directories in paths.xml of every feature
  • ??? move existing files and folders, when modifiying those paths ?
  • ability to download pre-requisites on demand from the web
  • ability to download all pre-requisites without installing those, for offline installation
  • extensive debugging / logging support of the installation process
  • allow removal of all application settings (default dirs and modified paths) during uninstallation
  • allow uninstallation of dokan during uninstallation
  • allow non-interactive installation / upgrade to a new version <-- use existing features and paths....
    • full silent to show nothing
    • non-interactive UI to show install / upgrade process
  • automatically shutdown running processes during installation/uninstallation

Setup / installer components



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