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The translations for MediaPortal 2 are managed using Transifex. "Transifex is a modern, open-source localization platform." Using Transifex offers many possibilities and advantages compared to using the xml language files directly, or some offline translation tools. For an overview about it's features check out their documentation.

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Transifex open issues

These open Transifex issues might be useful for MediaPortal 2:

  • High Priority - Request for *.wxl format (Windows Installer Toolset - WiX) (#59)
  • Transifex-Client (tx.exe): line ending (termination) differs between template & translation (#123 & #40)
  • Transifex-Client (tx.exe): Password is stored in plain text (#9)
  • Transifex-Client (tx.exe): Allow anonymous access to translations files (#100)
  • Transifex-Client (tx.exe): Push/Pull glossary (#34)
  • AndroidFileFormat: single apostrophe in translation is being replaced by \' (backslash+apostrophe) during pull (#122)
  • AndroidFileFormat: Double apostrophe in XML root element is being replaced by single apostrophe (#120)
  • Statistics widgets for hub projects (#83)
  • Request: Add German (Austria) - de_AT to available languages (#107)
  • Language team discussions are confusing when using Hub and outsource projects (#105)
  • Deleting a language without language team not possible (#81)


TopicsTranslation Rules
General translation rules apply to languages and ensure standardized processes, usages and give general recommendations for translation. For language specific rules and recommendations see sub pages.
Translation workflowTranslation workflowTroubleshooting



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