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strike da micby

Makes my Media Center complete
After having used a NAS for a couple years, I decided to build an HTPC to fulfill the tasks of playing movies, series and the such, and also play older emulated games. I accepted having to use different apps to combine the tasks - therefore, when I found MP and its functions, I was pleased. Even more so when I found My Emulators, because it basically completes my wishes.
Although there is no automatic info grabbing for games (well, duh, there isn't a site like IMDB for games, right?), it's been doing everything I want so far. I'm not sure if I simply oversaw this, but creating something like own lists for games (such as "The Mega Man Series" for all Mega Man games, no matter what platform they're on) would be really cool. Apart from that, wonderful extension. Thanks!

Basic's requiring work.
I Love MP. I love all the plugins for my movies, music and tv shows that really make my htpc sparkle to life. i wanted this for my games having around 34 pc games i thought there should be a plugin like of movingpictures. but alas there was not, but there was this. it allowed you to basically run a games exe from inside MP withing an organised file system. Unfortunately there was no built in scarper and no advance editor so this had to be all done by a very tedious task of manual insertion. if they added these features and it was all automatic then this would be a 5 star app and i don't see why they cant do it. Just copy other plugins instead of movies, it games!!!!

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