MediaPortal 2.1 Pre2 Release - Changelog

Full list of changes

The team has been focusing on fixing bugs that were reported by the community since releasing MediaPortal 2.1 Pre. Have a look at the details:


  • New: Added WMC Dark theme
  • New: BV - Adjust skin settings similar to WMC

Skin Engine

  • New: [MP2-583] Consolidated menu texts in Filter/Sort/Group dialogues

  • Fixed: Multiple small skin navigation and display glitches
  • Fixed: [MP2-580] Certain Asian language characters not displaying
  • Fixed: [MP2-550] Scroll animations can break looping to first/last item
  • Fixed: [MP2-549] VirtualizingWrapPanel allocates all itms when restoring state
  • Fixed: Composer tags not correctly displayed
  • Fixed: No explanation of date/time format usage
  • Fixed: Covers view not working in all skins

Media Library

  • Fixed: [MP2-605] Update trimmed text if label size changes
  • Fixed: [MP2-600] Trim audio tags during import
  • Fixed: [MP2-599] Album artist filter returns track artists instead
  • Fixed: [MP2-595] Optimize Media Library methods for importing and updating media items
  • Fixed: [MP2-588] Music Filtering - Album with multi-tagged artists is not correctly sorted
  • Fixed: [MP2-561] Series - Multi-episode files not sorted in summary
  • Fixed: [MP2-560] Sort title information not imported when reading nfo files
  • Fixed: [MP2-552] Fanart search language is not used when downloading
  • Fixed: [MP2-545] Music - Fix "Sort by Album Artists"Fixed:


  • Fixed: [MP2-590] Cannot select video stream in multi-stream files
  • Fixed: [MP2-589] Cannot play Audio and DVD discs from physical drive
  • Fixed: [MP2-585] MPEG codec causes MP2 to freeze when switching AC3 sources
  • Fixed: [MP2-582] Audio device selection shows too many devices
  • Fixed: [MP2-562] Single items cannot be added to playlist
  • Fixed: [MP2-236] No pause indicator displayed when pausing a video


  • New: Added cascaded CAM support
  • Fixed: [MP2-594] Occasionally no TV picture when switching channels
  • Fixed: [MP2-575] EPG is not automatically updating when time elapses
  • Fixed: [MP2-558] Error in Slim TVE 3
  • Fixed: [MP2-544] Erroneous closing tag in BV schedule list


  • New: [MP2-604] Add configurable Share Watcher settings
  • New: [MP2-602] Add splitter configuration functionality to settings
  • New: [MP2-587] Upgrade SQLite to version 1.0.104
  • New: [MP2-559] Upgrade LAV 0.63 to version 0.69
  • New: [MP2-566] Upgrade Dokan 1.0.0 to version 1.0.1
  • New: [MP2-568] Simplified change of logging level

  • Fixed: [MP2-598] Timer-controlled model can cause crash during shutdown
  • Fixed: [MP2-577] Tray Launcher displays wrong "Autostart" status
  • Fixed: [MP2-574] Weather - Detect city fails
  • Fixed: [MP2-564] Trakt - Can't authenticate a second time
  • Fixed: [MP2-543] OnlineLibraries - Converting to/from Unix date can fail for some localizations
  • Fixed: Weather - Dialogue window doesn't have focus

  • Updated: translations

About The Project

The vision of the MediaPortal project is to create a free open source media centre application, which supports all advanced media centre functions, and is accessible to all Windows users.

In reaching this goal we are working every day to make sure our software is one of the best.


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