MediaPortal 2.1 Pre Release - Changelog

Full list of changes

We have literally fixed hundreds of things. Have a look at the details:

Media Management

  • Added new aspects (genre, transient, ) and overworked existing ones; added connections between the aspects
  • Importer settings allowing to specify online sources or usage of local information
  • A lot more media information and FanArts (albums, artists, series, directors, descriptions...)


  • Overworked "BlueVision" skin and "Win10" theme
  • Added slide menus for better navigation with remote or keyboard
  • Removed "Titanium" skin, added "Titanium Extended" theme for "BlueVision" skin
  • Improved header and menu texts and translations
  • Added new "WMC" skin
  • Home menu with WMC typical navigation
  • Home Menu Editor, that allows you to configure the Home Menu to your needs
  • Skin Settings, that allow to configure the visual appearance to your needs, e.g. switch between poster and banner in most views
  • Fixed: BV slide menu doesn't work with mouse
  • Fixed: WMC top menu not updating on items change (playback items remain visible)

Skin Engine

  • Added support for Text Trimming
  • Added support for Smooth Scrolling
  • Added virtual item indicators
  • Added IsRecording indicator
  • Support for Scroll Margins allowing to see the next scrollable media items as preview
  • MP2-532: Add RestoreFocus property to ItemsControls
  • MP2-521: Added support for MultiTrigger
  • MP2-517: Implement texture alignment in ImageSource
  • MP2-538: Allow trigger, if value equal null
  • MP2-541: Improved fanart allocation in skins
  • Fixed: Potential OOM exception when trying to load certain textures
  • Fixed: saved sorting not restored
  • Fixed: sorting of filter items not working
  • Fixed: Incorrect FanArt being shown on client
  • Fixed: Flag/icon for manually set media information not updated
  • Fixed: registration of routed events
  • Fixed: MP2-529 Exception when switching from maximised window to fullscreen
  • Fixed: trigger exit-action bug that prevented starting actions (e.g. animations on exit)

Media Library

  • Added (Partly-) Watched flags
  • Added Percentage Played indicators
  • Added quick "remote filters" inside all media views like in Moving Pictures, "starts with" and "contains" filters (number keys, (, *, #, §, Escape)
  • Hide "Series" and "Movies" from "Videos" section, also "Recordings"
  • Extended search screens to use fast attribute based search (instead of global approach)
  • Fixed: latest movies and recordings thumbnails not displayed on home screen
  • Fixed: downloading of episode thumbnails
  • Fixed: wrong local FanArt used
  • Fixed: MediaInfo returning decimal values for mkv duration
  • Fixed: Possible race condition in FanArt count
  • Fixed: Possible NRE in GetHashCode info helpers
  • Fixed: series metadata overwritten by incorrect online match
  • Fixed: language settings are ignored for Importer Language
  • Fixed: duplicate episode entries in TvDB library and naming issues in GUI
  • Fixed: missing Series attributes
  • Fixed: FanArt downloads not ending
  • Fixed: parsing incorrect year from some Imdb ids


  • Added support for Closed Captions in video players
  • Added MPC Subtitle engine allowing usage of external subtitles
  • Added support for Clickable Progress Bar in players
  • Rearranged some settings (removed "DvdPlayer" section and moved entries to generic "Video Player" part)
  • Added ComSkip support in VideoPlayer
  • Prepare rendering for multi-plane video player (for BD Player integration)


  • Improved navigation inside EpgGrid when moving up/down through programs
  • Added support for Argus and WMC recordings, they will be added to recordings section
  • Added group button to switch between channel groups
  • MP2-528: Added EPG time axis
  • Added IsRecording indicator for WMC and BV skin
  • Added support for zapping by channel index or logical number (configurable by user)
  • Fixed: NRE when stopping live TV (related to resume position and multi part playback)
  • Fixed: live TV subtitles not enumerated and always enabled
  • Fixed: crash on TV stop
  • Fixed: exception thrown when zapping
  • Fixed: ComSkip chapter reading
  • Fixed: DirectShow filter loading (TV, Recordings) on Win7
  • Fixed: TV / recording playback on Windows 7 systems
  • Fixed: subtitle settings not respected in TV player


  • Improved support for parsing SSDP headers


  • Added support for Amazon Prime
  • Improved integration of WebBrowserPlayer
  • Added support for (very) long URLs


  • Support upgrading from pre-MIA database (Spring '16 and earlier)
  • DokanY not requiring drive letter anymore
  • Upgraded Dokan 0.5.3 to version 1.0.0
  • Updated TV Service packages (fix PowerScheduler)
  • Improved importer memory usage
  • Updated translations
  • Installer improvements (stop services via IPC)
  • Fixed: updated OneTrueError (fix crash on lost network connection)
  • Fixed: exception when adding some UNC paths

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