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  • Category: Videos 
  • Type of Change:  Feature

1.3.0 alpha introduces the second phase of the major improvements to using Videos in MediaPortal, with many new great new features!

See Config Related Changes > Videos to learn how to setup the new features.

Description of Changes

Basic Home screen

Recently added media for Videos


Shares (folder) view screen

Auto hidden movie info labels and values for video files/folders not in the MP Video Database


Watched percentage, played count, media info and DVD/Blu-Ray (BD) folder indicators


Shares (folder) view new context menu commands

Update media info for selected video file or DVD/Blu-Ray (BD) folders. Media info data will also be updated on video IMDB scan.



Now you can update/set default/internal movie grabbers directly from GUI (no need to exit MP and do that from Configuration)


Scan new movies with one simple command from left menu. MP will scan all folders marked to be scanned (see Scan part here for more information)

Movie info screen

New button Rename movie. You can rename movie title directly in GUI now. New movie database fields added together with media info icons and some useful info like Last update of movie data, Watched count and Video (file-Runtime.



Actors (cast) list are now "live". You can see actor image and you can directly jump on actor info from here.

Note: When actors list is active "Refresh" button will refresh actors list (not movie info). Actor names and roles will be updated.



Added context menu with some useful tools and commands. In actors list, context menu executed on actor will give you option to update selected actor info (Name, role, movies list). Also you can update here movie grabbers scripts and set default movie grabber and updated Fanart pictures for displayed movie (in case that old fanart is boring (smile) or not downloaded before).

Also you can create "nfo" file for current movie which will be saved (overwritten) in movie file location togetehr with cover and fanart images.


Actor info screen

This screen is completely rewritten (see default skin file for more info and controls)

Added actor death data (if applicable), last actor info update time. Percentage indicator right from actor name is indicator of auto update of actors movie list data.


Actor movie list now gives you full information for actors movies (Director, Genre,Rating,  Short cast list, Plot and cover). DIfferent color in movies list indicates that this movie is in your collection and you can play it from here or view it' full info.



Context menu on selected movie offer you update of all movies for selected actor or movie info for selected movie. Also if selected movie is in your collection you can watch it from here or see it detailed info.



Actor movies list Auto Update feature:

This feature will try to update missing information for actors movie list. Once those information are downloaded they are saved in video database and on next entry in actor info screen movies with full information will not be updated anymore thus speeding up update process. Also movies once downloaded within one actor info screen will not be downloaded again (make duplicate) when you enter in different actor screen which also participate for that movie.

New Database Views


Title/Actors/Directors index

This view group movies/actors/directors according to first letter from movie/actor/director title/name. #n indicates how many movies are behind letter.


User groups

This view is similar to title view but on top of the list are movies grouped to user defined groups. When selecting user group on left side, below thumb you can see movies behind that group. User groups can be defined in Configuration or directly in this view by using context menu.

You can create/remove new group and also add/remove movie in/from group.



Note: To add movie to one group, you must select a movie from the list first. Also you can add one movie to more than one group and you can do that by going to group where movie is, select id and add it to another group from the list.

New Search options

Search Movie

In titles views (also in title index view or group views like genres, years on theirs title level) now you can search movies by some movie related strings by using context menu on any selected movie:

  • By Movie title
  • By Director name
  • By Actor name
  • By Actor role
  • By Year
  • By Movie certification


Search Actor or Director

In Actors or Directors views (also in theirs index views on name level) you can search by Actor/Director name by using context menu on any selected character.


Sort by Name-Full

  • New sort option will sort alphabetically all items disregarding item type (folders, video files..)

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