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Q: Black bar detection takes so long, what can I do?

A: You can adjust the following settings. Reduce the scan interval , the detection counter or higher the edge detection tolerance, but keep in mind that cause false detection in dark movies.

Q: I.F.C. crops my movie, but no black bars are there, what can I do.

A: That can happen, when the movie is too dark or some parts of the movie are dark for a while. You can adjust the following settings. Higher the scan interval , the detection counter or lower the edge detection tolerance.

Q: What is the best way to adjust I.F.C.?

A: You can use the built in screen shot tester. Take a screen shot of you movie (default: F11) and test it with the screen shot tester. You'll see which black bars I.F.C. detects, with your current settings.

Q: I have black bars, but I.F.C. don't kicks in?

A: That could have serveral differrent reasons. Many movies are embedded into another format so they fit for your TV (or older TV's). The edges between content and black bars are grubby and IFC need more time.


21:9 (cinema scope) format embedded into 16:9 format, that means black bars were added (top and bottom). If you own a 16:9 TV all is OK and I.F.C. "knows" that and don't kicks in.

If you own a 21:9 TV then I.F.C. would crop the black bars and stretch it to the max, cause the 16:9 movie is vertically compressed on a 21:9 TV. The same is true for 16:9 TV and 4:3 movies.

Q: How can I enable the debug information for I.F.C.?

A: Open the MediaPortal configuration and set the information level to debug. Then go to the I.F.C. configuration and enable the tick box verbose logging.



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