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I.F.C Overview

The aim of this plug-in is to provide the best possible aspect ratio and view mode with a minimum of effort.

How to use I.F.C.

You have to select your TV ratio (4:3, 16:9 (default) or 21:9), and thats all (wink).

How it works

I.F.C. scans the playing content for black bars and aspect ratio. If the analyzed frame matches the pattern I.F.C. is searching for, then the picture will be adjusted by I.F.C. Before I.F.C. adjusts anything (black bar, edge or view mode correction) the matched pattern must match more than once (see Detection Counter).

The I.F.C. Modes

The I.F.C. modes can be used, when watching tv or play some media.

Snapshot: Takes a "snapshot" (actual frame) and analyzes it. After the analysis I.F.C. stops.

Reset: Reset all actual crop settings and I.F.C. stops

Auto: Start I.F.C. in auto mode

Shortcut configuration:

The shortcut is implemented as toggle button, that means, you can press the defined key unitl the right mode is selected.

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