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Table Of Content

Channel Info

If you want to talk with other users and the developers of MediaPortal, you can join the MediaPortal IRC Channel.

  • Network: freenode 
  • Server: (for example)





General MediaPortal discussions and support


aMPed skin


Discussions about the Moving Pictures plugin


Web access for MediaPortal


Online Videos plugin


MP-TVSeries plugin


StreamedMP skin

IRC Software

There are many different programs for communicating on IRC (also called clients). On this page we will give some specific hints for HydraIRC (Windows), mIRC (Windows), Trillian (Windows) and Colloquy (Mac OS X, iPhone).

If you can't or don't want to install IRC software on your computer, you can use our WebIRC interface.

IRC Commands - General

Inside the IRC-Channel you are able to issue commands:

  • To change your nickname:
*/nick newnickname*
  • To change your online status to away with reason: working:
*/away working*
  • To send a file to another user (you will have to open ports in your firewall/router to be able to accept DCC transfers):
*/dcc send <nickname> <filename>*


Why should you register your nickname?

Your nickname (nick) is how people on Freenode know you. If you register it, you'll be able to use the same nick over and over. If you don't register, someone else may end up registering the nick you want. If you register and use the same nick, people will begin to know you by reputation. If they're running IRC software which supports CAPAB IDENTIFY-MSG, they'll be able to tell when someone is spoofing your identity. 

If a channel is set to mode +r, you won't be able to join it unless you are registered and identified to NickServ, the nickname service bot. If you try to join, you might be forwarded to a different channel. If a channel is set to mode +R, you won't be able to speak while on that channel unless you are registered and identified. Both of these modes are used to reduce channel harassment by DoS kiddies.

Only registered users will be able to use personal messages.

Registering your nickname at freenode

This is based on the freenode FAQ

  1. To connect to a freenode server (e.g. enter the command (Note: all commands are case-insensitive):
  1. If someone else has registered the nick you tried to use, you will see the message -!NickServ- This nickname is registered. You can try another nick by entering:
 /nick <nickname>
  1. To connect a password to your nick, enter:
/msg NickServ REGISTER <password> <email>
  1. A confirmation email will now be send to you. In it you will find instructions to confirm your registration by entering a command in the form:
/msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER <nickname> <code>

Complete the registration within one day or your nickname will expire. Meanwhile, you can continue setting up your IRC account.

Connecting (group) multiple nicks with the same account

  1. Change to your alternative nick:
/nick <alternative-nick>
  1. Link it to your primary nick:
/msg NickServ GROUP

Note: Sometimes it can happen that the registration fails on the first attempt. Wait for the timeout of 15 minutes and then try it again.

Using your registered nick

  1. Connect to a freenode server. 
  2. Identify by:
 /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password>

Automatically identify your IRC nick

Configure your client to identify itself to Nickserv automatically whenever it connects to Freenode so that it's less likely you'll connect to the network without being identified. The easiest approach is to specify your Nickserv password as a server password.

  • If your client supports server password, please set this up as

    :<accountname> <password>

    . (Make sure to include the colon and not the literal < and >.) This will allow you to identify to your services account on connect, regardless of the nickname you are using when you connect.

  • If your client does not support server password, configure it to send the following command every time it connects to Freenode:
/msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password>


Colloquy knows about freenode's nickserver so when you add a connection and pick a freenode server, all you have to do is enter your nickname and password in the General section for the connection (press on the Info button in the Window > Connections window): 


 To join channels and identify automatically:

  1. Go to Options -> Prefs -> Scripts
  2. In the box with << Enter Name Here >> write FreeNode_OnLoggedIn, and click Add. These command will be automatically executed when you log into a freenode server.
  3. Enter the following commands in the Commands box:
    • /msg NickServ GHOST <nick> <password> -- this allows you to re-take your nick if you didn't quit properly last time, for example because of a program crash.
    • /GetNick <nick> -- a HydraIRC-specific command that helps in regaining a nickname when logging on (see GetNick help on HydraIRC wiki).
    • /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password> -- identify yourself to the server.
    • /join #mediaportal -- join the MediaPortal channel, you can add several more /join #<channel> commands if you like.
    • /nick <nickname> -- set your nickname.


To automatically log onto a freenode server when starting HydraIRC:

  1. In the box with << Enter Name Here >> write OnStartUp, and click Add. These command will be automatically executed when you start HydraIRC.
  2. Enter the following commands in the Commands box:
    • /server -- this will log you onto the default freenode server.


irssi supports auto identify very well out of the box. Here's how. Start up irssi, then:

/connect [|irssi.png^3596]
/nick <nick>
/SERVER ADD -auto -network freenode  6667 <password>

You may have to shutdown and restart irssi at this point for it to recognize the network name freenode.

Another method of auto-identifying is seen below but the above is generally preferred:

/NETWORK ADD -autosendcmd "/^msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password>;wait 2000" freenode


irc.freenode.netFile > Select Server... (Alt+E)

  1. Select Freenode > Random Server and click Edit.
  2. Enter a server password as described above:

That’s it! The next time you connect to Freenode you will automatically be identified.


  1. Accounts > Manage Accounts... (Ctrl+A)
  2. Add or Modify you IRC protocol.
  3. Enter a server password as described above:



  1. After you have setup a connection to freenode, open the connection preferences for that connection
  2. On the Connection tab, add /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password> to the Perform Buffer.


#mediaportal Channel IRC-bot

Public bot commands

To trigger a command, simply type it into the channel and the IRC-bot will reply within a second.

Log commands:


Shows a link to the Roadmap


Generates a history log at #mediaportal for the last few hours

General commands:

!seen <nickname>

Reports when the user was last seen in the current channel


Shows a link to the forums


Shows a link to the FAQ

!pastebin or !pb

Shows a link to the MediaPortal Pastebin


Shows a link to the requirements page


Shows a link to the Team MediaPortal Wiki page


Shows a link to the main Wiki page

Other commands:


Shows this text


If you have suggestions, ideas or problems contact ]-high-[ in IRC or email



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